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Steps to Addressing Anesthesiology Mistakes

  Mistakes made by anyone in the medical field can have serious consequences, but some of the most noticeable and most costly can come at the hands of anesthesiologists. Whether it is an improper use of drugs or a poor intubation, the results are likely to be painful or even deadly. In order to better help anesthesiologists and those who work with them avoid these mistakes, here is a list of the top three reasons anesthesiologists make mistakes.

  1. Poor communication

Whether it is the doctor not communicating the needs of the patient or the anesthesiologist not communicating issues such as fatigue or uncertainty, when professionals don’t speak to each other, the results can turn ugly. This is also the case when patients feel their thoughts are not welcome in a conversation. Anesthesiologists need to communicate to patients that they should speak up about any concerns they have up to the point they are incapable of doing so. Making this point directly can help avoid making problems worse.

  1. Poor training

Whether it is a lack of training, a lack of general experience, or an unfamiliarity with certain drugs or procedures, an anesthesiologist can make numerous mistakes simply by not knowing precisely what to do. It is an unfortunate fact that for all the medical training an anesthesiologist goes through, there are still situations where he or she can find themselves out of their depth. To avoid these problems, make it clear to the anesthesiologist that speaking up about concerns will in no way impact their status in the operating room. Should an anesthesiologist wish to bring in a more experienced colleague—assuming one is available in a timely fashion—that should be encouraged. All doctors have to learn on the job, but minimizing how much that is done in serious situations will go a long way to minimizing mistakes.

  1. Poor understanding of the case

On the opposite side, sometimes doctors and anesthesiologists can be overly confident, particularly in cases that appear to be straightforward and standard. In such cases, particularly with a heavy caseload, the anesthesiologist may only take the shortest of glances as a medical chart. Poor communication, as seen in point one, can mean any misapprehensions are never addressed, and then very dire mistakes might be made due to this hurried sloppiness. Giving doctors the optimal amount of time to get to know the patient is always a desire of every hospital, and often there seems to be little that can be done to address this issue. However, one step that can be taken is to enforce a certain amount of time spent with the case in order to become acquainted with the specific needs of each patient. Better chart management, with unique qualities highlighted near the top, would also help. The issue of medical mistakes is well-known to the medical community. There are the constant fears of medical malpractice suits, as well as the much greater fear of guilt for mistakes that cause lasting damage to innocent patients. Taking a few small steps to address these three issues can help ensure anesthesiologists are doing their jobs as safely and thoroughly as possible.

The Importance of the Texas Prompt Pay Act

There are some professions that are considerably more difficult than other ones. Specializing in any given field requires many years of training, practice, and immense skill. The most common example of these specialized professionals is a person who works in the medical field. After all, these are the professionals who deal with the most delicate and fragile creatures of all: living, breathing beings.

The risk is necessary whenever dealing with actual, proper life and humans are far more difficult to fix than your everyday machine. After all, injury can take the shape and form of beyond the physical as any wrongdoing could result into permanent trauma or emotional injury. In order to be a licensed practitioner within the medical field takes a lot of hard work and dedication – and therefore, they must be compensated in kind.

People who work within this field are invaluable for human progression and innovation and if they are not treated with what they are due then society can and will fall apart.

However, it is not (unfortunately) unknown for some insurance companies to properly pay these brave professionals for their services. There are, thankfully, measures in place that protect the rights and liberties of the men and women who risk their reputation and practice every single day just by doing their jobs every day. The website of Williams Kherkher states that there is a law in Texas called the “Texas Prompt Pay Act”.

Professionals in this field are then protected from corporations that do not give them their fair dues for whatever reason. If their compensation is not delivered within a certain period of time, they are warranted to pursue legal action. The procedures required to follow this plan through are, unfortunately, rather difficult to wade through.

The good news is that, if you are looking for help, there are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who could be more than able to help you with your situation.

What’s So Bad About a Birth Injury?

Did you know that humans are some of the only species on earth wherein the newborns are not immediately capable of important locomotive actions? Baby deer, horses, and even puppies are capable of at least crawling upon birth.

However a human child, after birth, is still so highly fragile that the child needs constant protection. This is a stage wherein even the littlest bump and bruise could have lifelong repercussions upon the child while some animals are capable of running already upon birth. This is because the human female can only carry up to nine months; otherwise it might prove lethal for the mother to carry a child for so long.

A birth injury then does not only affect the child but also the mother. If something goes wrong upon delivery, not only can the life of the child be lost forever but also the mother’s capability to bear more children. This can be devastating for any couple that wishes to have a family – especially so if the couple has been trying for some time for a baby, only for their dreams to be dashed by an injury.

One common injury seen in newborns is cerebral palsy, a condition that highly affects the child’s motor skills and cognitive functions. There are some cases that claim that some cerebral palsy cases are due to medical malpractice. These kinds of incidents are not ones that should be allowed to simply pass free without due justice. The lasting effects of these birth injuries could prove immediately fatal or could make for the child to live a life marked by disability, immediately marking them as outcasts with increased hardships in a life already difficult as it is.

If you or someone you know has had a newborn with cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice, it is recommended that professional legal advice is sought immediately.

Is Taking Xarelto Bad for My Health?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xarelto in 2011 as a preventative measure against deep vein thrombosis (DVT) for people who have just had hip replacement surgery. Deep vein thrombosis can occur when you do not move your leg for a certain amount of time as the “deep vein” in question is stimulated by movement. If the blood were to clot in the vein, it could have devastating effects like strokes. This is why it is advisable for people on long haul flights to walk around every few hours or so in order to avoid DVT.

The drug has been popularly used as its sales worldwide currently amount to $1 billion. However, there are some repercussions to the drug as there are several claims (some that have even resulted into a Xarelto lawsuit) that state that their having had taken Xarelto has caused severe gastrointestinal bleeding.

The complaints regarding the drug have been that, after they’d taken it, their skin would suddenly become too easily bruised or that there would be abnormal bleeding happening from different orifices on the body. Other complaints include muscle weakness or headaches. Some women have stated that the drug has also caused for them to have severe menstrual periods, which can be especially dangerous if the woman in question were anemic.

Gastrointestinal bleeding can be a fatal thing if not immediately detected and, unfortunately, the signs can be rather difficult to spot. Gastrointestinal bleeding is, after all, a kind of internal bleeding and there are no immediate ways in order to tell that one is suffering from such a malady. But picture this: your heart is suddenly surrounded with excess blood, therefore blocking the flow, and stilling the organ’s movement. If the condition is to be left untreated, this could cause permanent disability or even fatality.